Product durability is good right? We all want products that last. Do you want roofing shingles and tiles that don’t crack or break in a Colorado hailstorm? Absolutely! But here’s where it gets tricky. Durability isn’t everything.

Many customers have asked us about DECRA® roofing products – touted as some of the most durable roofing products out there. They should be durable … after all, their claim to fame is that they’re made of stone coated steel. Sounds like Superman!

But we don’t recommend these products for one simple and very important reason.

While hail certainly won’t destroy these roofs, it will seriously mar them. After a few hail storms the roofing will probably be structurally sound, but no doubt it will look old and beat up – more like a stone and steel roof.

And if you want to replace it because it looks so bad, the average insurance company will probably refuse, with good reason. The roofing material is still sound, it’s protecting the house … the adjustor isn’t really concerned by how unsightly it is. After a couple of seasons, you’ll be stuck with an industrial-looking roof more suited for a warehouse than a home.

You still see 1970s-era Crown Victorias and Pontiacs on the road. They’re probably made of steel (but no stone!). They’ve absorbed every ding and dent and worse that multiple owners have inflicted on it without missing a beat. They look terrible. Some are probably starter cars for new drivers and I can imagine the conversation in one of those households as the parent is telling that 18-year-old to stop complaining about how the car looks, because it still runs!

When it comes to roofing products (and cars too!) you deserve the best in durability – both structurally and aesthetically.

Call us today and let’s look at some options – like the GAF line of roofing material, featuring the thickest shingle on the market.